Legal Videography

When you can’t leave anything to chance.

Services for Solicitors

For special circumstances where a “fringe” client appears in front of you, or where there may be a contentious capacity issue raised later, a video record may be the one tool, aside from the written will, that stops challengers in their tracks.

Neesons provides third party, arm’s-length legal videography, providing the will-maker the opportunity to voice his or her wishes which will accompany the written will. As counsel, you not only protect your client and his or her wishes, but you also protect yourself from a potential lawsuit and/or being called as a witness long after your client has passed.

Services for Estate Administrators

Neesons legal videography can provide third-party, arm’s-length documentation to aid Estate Administrators in cataloguing effects such as:

  • Art collections
  • Book collections
  • Silverware
  • Treasured items
  • Antiques
  • Home contents

Why spend hours upon hours photographing and cataloguing prized possessions, when a qualified legal videographer can provide an immediate record while those with knowledge can describe verbally what items are and any other pertinent information.
Legal videography is a thorough, cost-effective means of creating a record efficiently and without any bias whatsoever.

Why use a Legal Videographer?

  • We are specifically trained and our focus is only on legal matters.
  • We work with lawyers and their clients.
  • We know how important this documentation is – and we store it for you along with our certified transcripts.
  • We are aware of the legal standards required in the marketplace.
  • Our certified court reporters can create an accompanying certified transcript of the video – which can be submitted to the court if necessary.
  • We are unbiased and are bound by a Code of Ethics through the National Court Reporters’ Association certifying body

The impact of posture, facial expression and tone can create an entirely different presentation than mere words.

In cases where a witness’ demeanour could be your “smoking gun,” videography will provide you with the tools to attack a witness’ credibility and candour at trial that sometimes is lost on paper. In mediation, clips of the plaintiff or defendant can be instantly played and may just be your “ace in the hole” in settling a case.

Instead of merely reading a portion of a witness’ testimony to him or her on the stand, play back that portion of the question and answer series on a device as simple as a large computer screen or monitor set up in the court room. Not only will the audio and video be presented, but using the latest technology, the transcript of the witness’ testimony is synced, providing a complete viewing package for the court and all participants.

  • Full service videography using the latest digital equipment
  • Services can be provided at our location or yours
  • Fully trained, certified in-house staff
  • Transcript and video synchronization
  • Ability to travel