CART / Captioning

Communication Access Realtime Translation (“CART”), or “captioning” as it’s also known, is a process whereby a CART provider (stenographer), using a steno machine, notebook computer and realtime software, provides instant word-for-word voice-to-text translation for display.  In order to furnish a highly readable English translation, our CART providers possess shorthand speeds of well over 225 words per minute, with a general accuracy level of 99% or greater, and are fully versed in all aspects of Hard of Hearing needs.

Our CART services are available in both English and French.

“Smart” CART

For those with a hearing loss, the difference between a good captioner and a poor one will either produce a full understanding of events or a frustrating and confusing experience.  Our CARTers are dedicated to total communication access. We offer high-quality captioning services using reader-friendly fonts and formats.  We include explanatory notes to communicate subtleties, nuances and other conversational details to support full comprehension.  CART is also beneficial to people with certain cognitive and learning disabilities, and to those for whom English is a second language, as it provides an additional method of understanding verbal communication by enhancing the experience with text.

Compliant with Ontario’s AODA Act

Providing realtime captioning will offer full inclusion to no less than 10% of your audience, thereby meeting the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005). So whether you simply wish to be a good corporate citizen, or you are an organizer where people have identified themselves as requiring voice-to-text access, Neesons’ CART services will meet your group’s communication needs.

Speed. Accuracy. Inclusion.

CART on the spot

  • Advanced technology and equipment enable provision of CART services in almost any setting, on-site or off-site
  • Through Neesons’ enhanced technology platform we offer voice-to-text streaming to the public on a client’s website, or through discrete, secure, “invitation-only” streaming, including to handheld PDA devices.
  • The ability to produce an electronic rough draft transcription of the captioned event – not only can hard-of-hearing consumers access what was said for later reference, organizers of events may also use our rough-draft transcripts to prepare discussion summaries.

CART for remote locations

  • Deliver communication access anywhere the recipient has Internet connectivity
  • For large group viewing, the receiving computer can be connected to an LCD projector or monitor
  • Audio feeds can be received digitally, such as via Skype, web conferences, and video feeds, as well through analogue phone connections.
  • Numerous text platforms supported, including web streaming or private streaming, delivered through websites, laptops, iPads and handheld devices

*Note: For optimum results in remote captioning, the audio feed to captioner must be of excellent quality.

CART services are seen at:

  • Conventions
  • Shareholders’ meetings
  • Departmental meetings
  • Small/large workplace settings
  • Courtrooms
  • Litigation settings
  • Classrooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Annual general meetings
  • Presentations
  • Training workshops

In short, wherever there is a need, our CART/captioning solutions can be used!

CART pioneers

Since 1996, Kim Neeson, our company founder, has acted as Canada’s primary standard-bearer in the CART profession. Together with several talented professionals, Neesons has become the largest CART firm in Canada, providing services from coast to coast.

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Neesons can provide a skilled notetaker in almost any setting. Our notetakers:

  • Capture the essence of the spoken word in an accurate manner
  • Provide a viewing screen for the participant
  • Review the notes and provide an updated version to our client via email in Word

Our notetaking services can be found in universities and colleges, board meetings, annual general meetings and business meetings.

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