Electronic Document Services

Want to display documents/media from your laptop on a big screen? Need to cast something on several separate or remote screens in real time, such as showing a file to multiple parties at once? Seeking a reliable, easy-to-execute solution that doesn’t require a rescue from IT?

Neesons ScreenView offers a state-of-the-art collection of equipment to help you share and show documents — easily and instantly.

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Exhibit Bridge is a simple, powerful electronic exhibit management app that can be used for cases of any size. Depending on the type of service you choose, you can pull your documents instantly from the cloud — or, for those who prefer to remain off the cloud, download them to a specially-designed USB stick.

Your documents can then be called up by the “leader” (the person or team who is doing the questioning), shared and automatically displayed for everyone to see on their devices.

Finally, you can electronically stamp a document as an official exhibit when appropriate.

Exhibit Bridge: Make your technology work harder. So you don’t have to.