Neesons was the firm of choice to provide realtime, rough draft and certified transcripts in the Robinson-Huron and Robinson-Superior Annuities trial held over the last several months in Northern Ontario.  The case is a first of its kind, involving the interpretation of the annuity clause in treaties dating back to 1850.

Testimony included that of Elders, community leaders and experts.  When Neesons was approached about the purchase of a copy of over 15,000 pages of transcript by the university for a digital repository of the proceeding, Kim Neeson, President, thought it was an opportunity to give back to the community at large, by ensuring that the record would be available to everyone – from scholars, to teachers, to the Native community, to the public at large – at no cost to anyone.

Restoule Trial

Christine Perruzza, speaking on behalf of Crown Law – Civil, said in court Friday, June 22nd, 2018:

” MS. PERRUZZA: Thank you, Your Honour.                                

                                   We just wanted to acknowledge the donation of the transcript in this matter by Neeson Court Reporting to the Laurentian University Library, for the use in the digital repository of this proceeding. 

                                  Their generous contribution is important for the public and scholars to have free and ongoing access to the record of this historic proceeding.

                                 So thank very much to Neesons.”

When the digital repository is available to the public, Neesons will be the first to let you know.