Neesons brings answers to questions about implementing technology in every day situations.

The presentation, given by our President, Kim Neeson, was “problem” and “solution” styled.  Below are a few highlights from the talk.

Neesons Legal Technology

Problem:  I’m reluctant to learn a new program!

simple electronic document sharing

Solution:  Electronic documents can easily be shared at discovery, trial or arbitration using a simple screen solution.  All that’s required is your laptop, the electronic documents organized so you can retrieve them easily, a splitter box, cables and screens.  At Neesons we provide all the tools required, so contact us to learn more.


Problem:  How can I organize all these electronic documents and share with my team?

Exhibit Bridge

Solution:  Programs like Exhibit Bridge allow users to upload all their documents, create individual file folders, share, collaborate and mark exhibits with the touch of a button, all using either an iPad or laptop.  Easy!


Problem:  We’re spending too much time taking notes!

Realtime reporting

Solution:  Realtime reporting  is the answer.  Skilled shorthand reporters provide near verbatim voice-to-text translation which can be displayed on an iPad or laptop.  Free programs for users, such as CaseViewNet or LiveLitigation, provide the platform for receiving the realtime court reporter’s realtime feed.  Highlight text, search, and annotate are just a few of the possibilities, saving time and providing a high degree of accuracy which cannot be captured by notetaking.


Problem:  I need my out-of-town/province/country witness in court!

Court Call

Solution:  Court Call has recently been installed in several courtrooms in Toronto and will be installed at the Court of Appeal.  While this application was initially envisioned to deal with counsel who wished to appear before certain courts by either telephone or video, Neesons has encouraged its use as a way to connect with witnesses who are not physically able to attend court.  Not only could this extend to out-of-town, province or country persons, but to people with mobility disabilities.  The only requirement is that the person on the other end have access to the internet and a laptop with a video camera.  Audio is delivered via a standard telephone line.

Want to upsize the solution for trial?  Neesons recently provided tech solutions in a trial before Justice Lederman, where 18 witnesses were appearing remotely, by installing screens at counsel’s desks, in front of the judge, the court reporter and clerk, and in front of the podium for questioning counsel, where quite literally you can see the whites of the witness’ eyes!  To learn how you can leverage this technology, click here.