Abandoning the work of eDiscovery at the boardroom door isn’t necessary – nor is printing thousands of pages of production for discovery or trial. 

Neesons is offering shared-device facilities so lawyers can easily display electronic documents during trials, discoveries and other proceedings.  In  keeping with our philosophy of continuing eDiscovery technology from start to finish, from realtime transcripts, hyperlinked exhibits, remote videoconferencing and now document display and exhibit marking, Neesons’ space at 77 King Street provides the technology and the support to make this next step a reality.


ediscovery document display.jpg

Our “super simple” ability to screen-share is like taking a baby step towards a paperless proceeding.  All it takes to use the system is the availability of digital documents such as a PDF.

It’s really as easy as plugging in your laptop and showing documents.

No Expert Knowledge Required

There is no software or training with our new program. While the system is non-interactive, it provides a gateway to get started in electronic documents without any extra knowledge whatsoever. It’s the perfect introduction.

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