Whether you’re involved in a complicated case or struggling to cram a thousand things into an 8+ hr day, stress is an unfortunate a side effect that comes along with the job. Coping with stress can be a real challenge depending on what your job environment is. When you’re having an absolute Murphy’s Law kind of day and you’re trying to think of ways to break out of the office, try these stress-busting tips to see you through the workday.

1. Take things one at a time. You are only one person! Even though we feel like we have the strength and superpowers to take on the world, it’s impossible to do everything at once. When your plate is full, don’t ask for second or thirds. Work on what you have first.

2. Try something new. If you’re spending more time looking at the clock than actually doing work, you may be suffering from boredom, and that can be a breeding ground for stress! Not being challenged at work can affect your job performance, attitude and work relationships. When you’re complaining about your job more than you’re caring about it, try to find new ways of doing tasks or ways on how you can do them better. Learning new things can help put your enthusiasm back on track.

3. Take a vacation (literally or mentally). Sometimes a little time away is just what you need to recharge your batteries. If you can’t afford to take the time off work, try taking a walk on your lunch break. Even a small change of scenery can make a big difference.  Grabbing a little fresh air can re-energize you, no matter the weather!

4. Organize your life (or at least your desk). All of you court reporters out there know that organization is key at the office! But sometimes the desire to keep things neat and tidy gets put on the backburner when you have a multitude of cases to work on. Take 5 minutes at the end of each workday to clean up, it will help you work better in the long run. Another great idea is making a to-do list each day. You’ll feel so good when you get to cross things off!

5. Vent! Sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone close to you is a great way to relieve stress. Getting things out in the open decreases your stress level and puts you in a calmer mood. Talking out your concerns can even be doubly beneficial – your listener can give advice or offer suggestions that you never thought of!

Although stress has more cons than pros, coping with it properly can help make you stronger and more resilient on the job…and after hours!